Finding other gunnies on the job

24/7, I’m a gunnie seeking other gunnies,but I resist the temptation and do not discuss firearms outside the office.  However, if the other party brings it up I sing like a bird.  I met a gentleman this afternoon who happened to be a gun owner himself.  He’s primarily a duck hunter, but he wanted to share something with me and allowed me to take pictures.  Also included are pictures of the area in El Dorado Co.  It hailed today – sorta nuts considering it was bright and sunny in Yolo Co.  Excuse the quality; all I had was an iPhone.

According to a Wikipedia entry, “The Smith and Wesson Model 39 was a semi-automatic pistol developed for the US Army service pistol trials of 1954.[1] After the Army abandoned its search for a new pistol, the Model 39 went on the civilian market in 1955 and was the first of Smith & Wesson’s first generation semi-automatic pistols.”

The Model 39-2 is a Model 39-1 with a modified extractor for more reliable functioning, and it was manufactured until 1982.   Jay G discusses more about the Model 32 with a better photo.

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One Comment on “Finding other gunnies on the job”

  1. April 16, 2010 at 10:10 am #

    That downhill crossing the bridge looks familiar…
    I used to have a big hankering for a Model 52 .38 wadcutter gun.

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