10K Rounds later…

I don’t keep track of how many rounds I shoot through the Les Baer TRS, so 10K might be a liberal estimate.   I’ve only had to change the recoil spring twice, but only after noticing the brass spitting out harder than usual.  In any case, the extractor broke.  I wasn’t too happy – not because the extractor broke, but I’ve been meaning to get a spare for quite sometime to avoid downtime…  Thank you, Murphy.

I ordered two EGW extractors from Brownells.  The first extractor was an expensive experiment.  After I ground the extractor base flush to the slide, I found that the extractor would bind behind the cartridge.  I did a few bends, filed the hook, etc. and I still couldn’t figure it out.  I took the second extractor, installed it without fiddling with anything, and confirmed that the rim of the casing cammed inside the hook perfectly.  From here, I checked for clocking and tension.  I only had to tweak the extractor ever-so-slightly.  Clocking wasn’t a problem.  I wish I had confirmed this on the first extractor.  Now I won’t know if it’s something I did or if it was a variation in the EGW extractor.  Oh well.

I grounded down the extractor base flush to the slide and cold blued the exposed metal.  I also beveled and polished the hook according to the extractor tuning tips by Bill Wilson on www.m1911.org.

I haven’t shot it yet, but it appears to eject inert cartridges and empty brass just fine.  I’ll be sure to report back when I get the final results.

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One Comment on “10K Rounds later…”

  1. April 2, 2010 at 9:01 pm #

    Good job on the second try you jerk!!! haha

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