Advantage Arms Glock .22LR Conversion

Advantage Arms TARGET MODELS

The Advantage Arms GLOCK conversion kit is unmatched for accuracy & fit. There are a handful of other conversion kits, which don’t deliver the same precision, do don’t get fooled by the competition:

– Locked Slide Open When Empty

– A-8625 Anodized Finish

– No Gunsmithing, Attaches in seconds

– Includes Cleaning Kit

– Features Internal Firing Pin Safety System

glock 19 with advantage arms conversionglock 19 with advantage arms conversion disassembledglock 19 with advantage arms conversion front sight

Many seek refuge from the cost of shooting using .22LR.  Rob Robideau and I briefly discussed the benefits and joy of shooting .22LR. It’s fun, inexpensive and can be practical.  With the rise of ammunition across the board, training or shooting altogether gets expensive.  Individuals, like myself, often look for alternatives to maintain our cost low.  As I’ve mentioned previously in my Kimber 1911 conversion kit review, any “kit that allows you to shoot .22LR out of your existing […] frame is something we thought that might prove useful to maintain sight alignment and trigger control – while keeping the cost of shooting down.”

xglock 19 with advantage arms conversion slide comparisonadvantage arms conversion slide

The AA kit shares similar characteristics with the Kimber 1911 conversion kit.  In my experience, both have proven to be reliable and well made.  The AA kit is no different.  As I’ve concluded in a Kimber 1911 conversion kit review, “the kit works very well, accurate*, and is reliable. Would I buy one? Probably not since I could probably use that money towards a reloader – or another gun. Would I recommend it? You bet.”

glock 19 with advantag arms conversion barreladvantage arms conversion slide assemblyx

Advantage Arms manufactures two models, the Target Model and the Law Enforcement Model, often abbreviated TM and LE models, respectively. The TM has a sleek machined slide, with an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight machined from the slide. The LE models I’ve seen appear to have similar slide dimensions to the GLOCK and “includes removable GLOCK OEM sights, which are adjustable.”  The model I owned was a 19-23 Target Model that I bought new from a Petaluma, CA gun store.  I paid way more than I should have, but that’s what I get for wanting it now – right?  If you can find them, expect to pay anywhere between $280-$340.  It appears that the LE model demands a higher price.

Here’s a GunBroker auction for an AA kit.

The AA kit was packaged nicely inside a plastic case.  Included were a 10 round magazine, a magazine loader, a cleaning rod, round patches, and a small bottle of Break-Free CLP.  The slide is manufactured out of aluminum and the magazine is molded out of plastic.  It’s simple to assemble onto a GLOCK.  It is same assembly and disassembly procedure with a factory GLOCK.

xadvantage arms conversion slide topadvantage arms conversion kit

Taken from

I. Unloading the GLOCK

1. Remove the magazine by pressing the Magazine Catch. (It may be necessary to pull the magazine from the weapon as they do not all drop out)

2. Pull the Slide back.

3. Inspect the chamber to ensure there is no ammunition in the chamber.

4. Allow the slide to spring forward.

5. Point the weapon in a safe direction.

6. Pull the trigger.

II. Disassembling the GLOCK pistol

1. Make sure the weapon is unloaded using the steps above.

2. Pull the slide back about 1/8”. (If the slide is pulled back too far the trigger will move to the forward position. You will again need to fire the weapon to release the hammer and re

peat step 2 again.

3. Pull the slide lock down.

4. Push the slide forward and remove it from the receiver.

xadvantage arms conversion rear sightadvantage arms conversion rear sight alighnment

Assembled, the GLOCK is significantly lighter.  I almost want to state that it’s lighter than some airsoft counter-parts.  When chambering a round, charging the slide felt “weak.”  To give you an idea, charging the Ruger Mark III 22/45 is unscientifically at least two times more difficult to pull than the AA kit’s slide.  I wasn’t necessarily impressed, but it didn’t affect the kit’s performance either.


Though the magazine is plastic, I didn’t have problems associated with it.  I did use the magazine loader; it’s irritating to load the magazine without it.

I typically shoot Federal ammunition.  It’s what Walmart had when I bought two cases before the rush.  Of course, it failed to feed and extract on several occasions.  It appears that AA’s warning to not use Federal ammunition is valid.  Duly noted.  With Remington Golden Bullets and CCI Stingers, the kit performed superbly.  Though accuracy seemed to escape me with this particular kit, I managed to snag a fly at 15 yards.  Don’t cry, PETA.


Training with this kit has its’ advantages.  In my experience, it appears that the kit will work well with many holsters.  I used a Fobus paddle holster and a Milt Sparks VMII for a few training sessions.  Despite the “weak” recoil spring, I didn’t have any out-of-battery issues.  In either holster, it seated well without force.


Overall, I appreciate what this kit was made for:

– It allows you to shoot inexpensive .22 Long Rifle ammunition so that you can shoot longer and more often.

– Turns your Glock […] into an ideal pistol for first time shooters.

– Makes a great tool for teaching women and young adults how to safely shoot a pistol without the intimidation of larger calibers.

– Less destructive to targets and surrounding structures when used for law enforcement training.

– Advantage Arms .22LR kits come with our exclusive “Last Round Lock Open” feature not offered by other manufacturers.


As a training tool, I think I would benefit more from an airsoft variant, such as a KWA GLOCK model.  That’s just me.  For fun, I can see the appeal and it would complement an AR-15 with a .22 LR conversion kit very well.

If you can find it, the Advantage Arms conversion kit might be what you’re looking for.  With the prices many retailers are asking right now, I would highly recommend finding a used one.  I ended up selling mine not because it’s an inferior product; it didn’t have any use for it.  I bought another gun instead.  Imagine that.

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5 Comments on “Advantage Arms Glock .22LR Conversion”

  1. March 22, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

    Nice review Derek. I want a .22 conversion for my XDm!

  2. Tom Stone
    March 23, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    Nice review.Not only do we both fish caples lake,we are likely neighbors since I am near sebastopol.I have a Kimber conversion for my cdp2 and like it for parctice and as a lightweight trail gun.It is picky about ammo,preferring stingers.

    • March 30, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

      Hi Tom,

      Considering the WWW, I think we’re considered neighbors. For work, I was driving around the Santa Rosa area for awhile, so I’m familiar with Sebastopol. I haven’t fished for quite sometime… I’ll have to pick that up again. Thanks for dripping by and offering your input!


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