SHOT Show 2010 – Day 4

SHOT Show 2010 – Day 4

I primarily spent the last day checking out last minute vendors and collecting swag.

Also see Bass Pro Shops’ Media Day.

SHOT Show Day 1

SHOT Show Day 2

SHOT Show Day 3

Just some random bling from Magnum Research.

Swag galore.

Kahr Arms:


MeOpta related to me that they have a new line of reflex sights in it’s development stages and should have their final design ready within the next few weeks.  Among the three reflex sights, they picked specific features from each one and integrated them into one unit which will likely be produced sometime in June 2010.  All three prototype units have clear glass.  The one unit with the red dot operational was crisp and clear.  The intensity of the dot was adjustable.

Smith Optics:

There are many eye protective systems in the market; however, very few address those who must also wear Rx glasses.  Personally, I will occasionally wear Revision’s Rx system, but have found that their inserts are troublesome due to the nature of its’ design.  The Revision Rx inserts are practically shoved in their unit; distorting my field of view and leaving my eyes feel crowded.  Smith Optics’ system offers their consumers a solution that appears to be viable and affordable.  Their Rx inserts will accomodate corrections +/- 11 diopters.  When the Rx frame is inserted into the Aegis eye shield, its’ angle to my eye is not altered or misaligns the intended focal point on the lens relative to my eye.  I should have a pair of this eye wear in my hands soon.  You will be first to hear about my experience.

Troy Industries

Troy Industries had several new items to offer such as a pistol grip, sights, magazine and rear stock.

US Armament Corp

U.S. Armament Corp is proud to announce the release of a museum quality reproduction of the classic Model 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun. The gun is fully operational & built from the original Gatling drawings & specifications. The 1877 is a 5 barreled, fully brass encased direct drive gun. The barrel length is 18 1/4” and the overall length of the gun is 34”. The feeding device is the Bruce Feed design which is not a magazine but a gravity fed device. Included with each gun is an accessory package of 5 Wooden Loading Blocks, 1 original style Bolt Tool, Crank Handle spacer, 3 transit chests and barrel alignment tools for reassembly after cleaning. Every gun is checked for quality and test fired before being shipped. The caliber is 45-70 govt. and the rate of fire can be as high as 1000 rounds per minute. The gun transfers the same as a standard long gun. It also includes a V notched rear sight, graduated to 1000 yards. Every gun is equipped with a beautiful iron & brass tripod with legs of solid ash. Whether you are an avid shooter or a serious collector, the Model 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun would be an extraordinary addition to round out the most extensive collection. In addition, U.S. Armament Corp offers a limited 1 year warranty on all parts & labor.

Double Star

Double Star was advertising this particular firearm as a .22LR AR pistol.  It still uses an modern hunting rifle receiver, only that the upper utlizes a CMMR conversion kit to adapt the chamber for .22LR.  Check out CS Tactical’s video introduction here.

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