SHOT Show 2010 – Opening Day

A theoretical conversation between me and The Gunny: "How tall are you sir?" (something around) 5'6'', sir. "Really? I didn't know they stacked shit that high."

SHOT Show 2010 – Day 1

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SHOT Show Day 3

SHOT Show Day 4

Today at SHOT Show, I forgot to bring my list of exhibitors to visit, so I had to wing it this morning/afternoon.  It went well, nonetheless.  I talked to several exhibitors, many who related to me updates, products they’re featuring and products to look forward to.   As with Bass Pro Shops’ Media Day post, this will be organized by exhibitor followed by photos.

Kifaru, International

Kifaru is a relatively well-known manufacture of tactical and hunting packs.  Though their packs and gear are expensive, they are excellent products and well worth the investment.  Why pay more over time for inferior products?

Kifaru has a loyal following; among them is yours truly.  It was great to finally meet Mel and Pat at booth # 7308.  They showed me a product very similar to the Tailgunner II; however, I was too excited about a prototype that was sitting on the table, I completely forgot about the other product.  Anyhow, they introduced the OTW “Outside the Wire” Bag to me.

OTW “Outside the Wire” Bag”:

A very early prototype, Kifaru’s new pack is a “go bag” that incorporates ingenuity like the Dock & Lock System, Lock ‘n Load, and other modular pocket features to accommodate the needs of persons who are “beyond the relatively safe confines of a base camp or support installation.”  Compared to other bags, items inside the OTW bag can be easily accessed with a single pull of a tab away from the body.  At this time, Kifaru is making minor adjustments toward a superior product and listening to feedback, directly from their targeted market, to address needs in the field.  Until the OTW bag is released for sale, expect minor changes in the future; however, they seem certain that the two large side pockets are going to stay.  Mel related to me that they are likely going to design an Every Day Carry [EDC] option, available in different configurations.  For instance, the EDC version may be available in different colors, internal pouch configuration, without PALS webbing, etc.

I was invited to Kifaru’s product showing at their hospitality room with access to their entire line of bags, pouches and accessories.  Be sure to check back as I will report my findings from that visit, too.

Ithaca Gun Company

I revisited Ithaca to take more pictures of their 1911s.  Nothing necessarily new to announce; however, I do have additional details.

Ithaca will likely only release two different 1911 models made out of billet, not cast metal.  The “modern” and “GI” model.  No sexy names yet.  The “modern” models specifically have an extended beaver tail, extended slide catch, extended ambidextrous thumb safety, adjustable stippled rear sight, 20 DPI stippling on the main spring housing and front strap, and a jeweled barrel hood.

KEL-TEC CNC Industries, Inc.


“The PMR-30 is a light weight, full size pistol chambered for the flat-shooting .22 Magnum cartridge (22WMR).”

My first impressions on this pistol is a positive one.  It is indeed light weight and worthy of any person’s gun safe.  Reliability has yet to be determined, so we’ll have to see.  It’s not expected that this will be available in California, but those who reside in free states will likely savor the joys of .22 WMR in a semi-automatic pistol.  Ergonomics were pleasant as it fits well in my hand and all controls but the magazine release were accessible with one hand.  The magazine release is a heel release, but is still manageable.  It’s unlikely anyone will be performing speed magazine changes with this pistol, anyway.  The trigger is single action with a consistent pull.  The trigger doesn’t set, but it’s a smooth release.

Expected MSRP is $415.

Take a look at the PMR-30 .PDF handout.

Tactical Solutions

Tactical Solutions’ Glock .22LR conversion kits initially caught my attention.  Following an introduction to their Glock .22LR kits, Kevin Rich, Black Dog Machine, LLC’s owner, also showed me their new Ruger Mark series ambidextrous holster, AR and 10-22 50 round drum magazines, and a redesigned Black Dog Machine AR15 magazine that will work with a modified bolt catch that will work with .22LR conversion kits.

GLOCK .22LR Conversion Kits:

BDM has several models in the field being tested that will likely total around 200k rounds.  Their primary focus is to discover which ammunition brand feeds best or if they must modify their current design to increase reliability.  TS noted that their 1911 conversion kits feeds anything; a competitor champion won their match using Federal .22 bulk cartridges.  The BDM magazines currently fit 14 rounds; however, it was related to me that it might be redesigned to fit 15.

If you noticed that their GLOCK prototype looks a little boxy, I overheard that the final release around June 2010 will look smoother.  In the near future, they’re going to develop conversion kits for the Springfield XD and Smith & Wesson M&P.

To give you an idea how much this kit might cost, the 1911 conversion kit’s MSRP is anywhere from $470.00 to $575.00.

BDM Ruger Mark Series Ambidextrous Holster:

The only holster of its kind for the Ruger Mark series .22LR semi-automatic pistol, BDM recently made their ambidextrous holster available.  One fits many, which includes pistols equipped with optics, silencers, rails, long/short barrels, etc.  The applications for this holster is numerous and many Ruger Mark series owners will be very happy with this new product.  MSRP is $38.00 – not a bad starting price.  Rich gave me a holster to review.  Be on the look out for a product review.  Playing with it at the SHOT Show leaves little doubt that product will not exceed many people’s expectations.

BDM AR Magazine – Revisted:

A Californian developed a new bolt catch designed for .22LR conversion kits.  A Calguns member, he was “continuously frustrated with the lack of a working bolt catch. [He] got tired of complaining about it and so [he] designed one.”  BDM was contacted and now they will have a product available to work with this new paddel.  If all goes well, the public should expect the new bolt catch and magazine to be released within approximately 90 days.

For excellent background information on BDM, LLC, check out Cheaper Than Dirt’s blog post.

US Optics:

I made a quick stop at US Optics to drool over more glass I can’t afford.  Chris Parker of sales did show me the SN-3 1.8-10x scope.  The 1-10x market seems to be the theme this year.  This model features the following:

–    T-PAL parallax adjustment
–    Variable power 1.8-10x
–    37mm objective
–    24oz.
–    42 ft./13 ft. field of view @ 100 yards
–    Choice of .25 MOA, .50 MOA or .1 mil adjustments
–    120+ total adjustments

Troy Industries, Maxpedition, Les Baer, and SOG:
I took pictures of other exhibitor’s products, but not much to announce.

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16 Comments on “SHOT Show 2010 – Opening Day”

  1. Apdl
    January 20, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    Links to pics are not working!
    Nice coverage and you are a lucky man to be at Shot Show!

    • January 20, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

      I checked out most of the links for the pictures and they are working for me off the iPhone. Were there specific pictures not working?

      On Wed Jan 20th, 2010 9:23 AM PST

  2. January 22, 2010 at 7:57 am #

    Great coverage, Derek! I hope Kel-Tec will send you a PMR-30 to try out on the range. If these pistols run well I want to get one for Bea. It would be light enough for her to carry, easy for her to rack with her arthritic fingers, and powerful enough to keep her safe.

  3. January 24, 2010 at 11:40 am #

    Did you happen to see our new drum magazine in POF’s .308 rifle hanging off their jeep? Good stuff, 50 rounds of fun.


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