Quick trip to the range.

Until this morning, I haven’t been able to shoot the gifted Pietta 1851 “Navy.” I still needed percussion caps, so I finally bought them yesterday.  Before I did anything at the range, I placed fired a few caps to clear the nipples on the cylinder.  Coolest.  Cap gun.  Ever.  It sure beats the plastic or paper strip caps!

At the range, I gave the Pietta a few shots and I’m quite pleased.  I knew I would like it, but now I want to get more accessories – like a better powder measure, a revolver stand, etc.  The methodical procedure to shoot this revolver is like reloading my own .45 ACP on the RCBS Rock Chucker; only that I get to shoot it right after!

I started off at 25 yards assuming that the Pietta was going to shoot dead on, despite what I’ve read.  I shot my first five without marks on the target.  Hm.  I proceeded to hold high; still nothing.  Holding low at the edge of the target – I was getting closer.

It appeared that the front sight is too low and needs to be raised up about 1mm [maybe].  I’ll have to explore my options to replace or modifying the existing sight.

It’s a VERY cool pistol.  I wish I had more time with it, but I had other things needed to be done while at the range.  I will post an update about the pistol when I find a solution for the front sight.

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2 Comments on “Quick trip to the range.”

  1. January 11, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    awesome! told you that bp can get mighty addicting real quick!

    Thats a shame you got a short front sight. Kinda stinks your sights are too short. Maybe build it up with JB weld?

    Either way- pretty cool. scale of 1-5 on ‘must buy list’ 5 being gotta own it- how do you rate?

    • January 11, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

      I was doing some research and it appears that the original Colt design was built with such sights to aim high at 25 yards. Most have reported their shots punching paper 9″-12″ high – very similar to my preliminary results.

      It was suggested that Colt made these 1851 revolvers to hit a man sized target at approximately 50 yards and zeros at at 75 yards. Pietta apparently replicated the original quite well. I must play around with the distance before messing around with the sights. I may not even play around with the rear or front sight for the sake of originality.

      Gatofeo at Shooters Forum actually gives a damn good write up on these revolvers.


      Now that I have shot BP, I would rate it a 5. Personally, I would have held off on a few rim fire bulk purchases to save up for this revolver.

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