REH CA Compliant AR15 Lowers

Magazine catch threads and their respective spring lengths.

For Californian’s who prefer a receiver that is inexpensive and CA compliant, check out REH Industries‘ Model-22 lower receiver.  Their lowers start as a T6 7075 forging, CNC machined and Anodized to G.I. Mil-spec.  REH Industries’ Model-22 has a some advantages and caveats.

It was inexpensive, well crafted and included a bullet button to satisfy CA law.  Supplied with the receiver was a modified magazine catch, magazine catch spring, and a hex screw head threaded to fit the magazine catch.  The owner wanted a product that catered to Californians for a bargain.  He has the right idea; however, there are some draw backs to the concept.

The lower receiver is machined like any other AR15 lower, with one exception.  The magazine button cut.  It’s a circle cut rather than the traditional oblong pattern.  A traditional AR15 button cannot be utilized.  On the other hand, the button supplied will work like a normal magazine catch by exchanging the modified magazine catch and spring with their respective unmodified parts.  I’m not a big fan of specialty parts.  They’re often difficult to find, expensive and inconvenient.   I’m not certain if REH has extras parts, but it’s a question worth asking.

I knew what I was purchasing, so I don’t mind the caveats.  I saved quite a bit of money buying this lower instead.   I don’t plan on switching out the bullet button, anyway. I have other lowers to do that with.

Del-ton receivers start at $99.99, without a bullet button.  Most bullet buttons cost approximately $25.  Add a $40 transfer fee and $25 shipping, you’ll likely arrive at around $190.  That is assuming you don’t have to pay sales tax.  I can buy a decent lower parts kit and the lower receiver at that cost, out the door.

I would suggest this lower to Californians who want an inexpensive lower who require a bullet button and don’t plan to switch it out.  If your needs/desires are outside that scope, I would suggest you buy a traditional lower.

Weight out your options and make a decision.  If you arrive at the same conclusion as I did, I highly recommend for you to check out REH Industries for future developments.

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One Comment on “REH CA Compliant AR15 Lowers”

  1. November 26, 2009 at 4:10 pm #

    Finally! Looks interesting for us guys.

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