Elk Grove Friends of NRA Gun-O-Rama AAR


Wild Bill's Old West Trading provided the firearms.

Gun-O-Rama 2009 AAR

100 guns. 100 games. 100 winners. Bring yourself, your friends and your money! Over 100 prizes – ALL GUNS!  Most games, odds are 1 in 50.

When: November 7th, 2009
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: 10490 East Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove, CA
Cost: $20 for entry. $25 at the door. That includes tri-tip sandwich, chips and a drink ticket.

Friends of NRA can run quite an event, particularly for a good cause.   Friends of NRA assembled a new fun way to win a gun.  It’s so much more interactive than a straight raffle.  They called it  a “game.”  I’m convinced that it’s primarily a raffle, but with a twist.  Seriously though.  I had fun.

CORRECTIONS:  A Smith & Wesson M&P-15 5.56mm was given away.  Not a .22LR model.  That’s a $1000 oversight on my part! I also failed to thank Joan Ceccarini for making Gun-O-Rama an excellent event.  There were also four additional gift certificates given away, courtesy of Wild Bill’s Old West Trading Co. That’s a total of 26 prizes that evening.  These corrections have been edited in the original piece.

There were four games available to play that evening; each with either a 1/25, 1/50 or 1/100 chance of winning.  After 25, 50 or 100 entries were added to their respective games, a number was drawn to declare a winner.  Also respective to each game were tables piled with guns.  For example, a Colt SAA .45 LC was on the 1/100 table, a GSG-5 on the 1/50 table and a Cricket Youth .22LR rifle on the 1/25 table.  For every 15 vouchers (a $300 value) that were purchased at once, one was eligible to win the grand prize; a Smith and Wesson M&P15.  When a winner was declared, a volunteer escorted the winner to a table to select their prize.

The event itself was fantastic.  I had an excellent time!  I arrived approximately 30 minutes early and there were quite a few folks already lined up outside.  Steve Wilson, NRA Field Representative, related to me that he estimates that 420 people arrived.  Other visitors without tickets that evening were turned down because the venue was already crowded!  While I waited for the games to start, I took a few photographs and mingled a bit.  Looking at the prizes, it appeared that Brandon of Wild Bill’s Old West Trading supplied an excellent variety of prizes.  With my meal ticket, I stood in line to receive a delicious tri-tip sandwich.  Circle J BBQ provided the catering.  Though the committee projected 300 visitors, Circle J BBQ had enough to feed everyone!  Kudos to them for keeping up.

To enter a game, a player purchases NRA funny dollars at $20.  Just think of them as vouchers to enter a game.  The more vouchers you buy, the more games you can play.  If you feel rather lucky, you can increase you chance of winning a specific game by submitting more vouchers.  Instead of 1/25 chances to win, you may increase it to 2/25, etc.  How you want to play is up to you.  I played conservatively and won a Rossi Model 92 chambered in .45 Long Colt with a stainless steel finish.  To my knowledge, 22 guns  and four gift certificates were given away that night.

Of course, Brandon and Friends of NRA were out in full force to have fun, meet and greet new people, and just talk guns; however, this event does more than just find homes for pretty new guns.  I believe I recall Wilson stated that at least 68% of the proceeds from these events go toward shooting programs for Boy Scouts, 4H, Future Farmers of America, etc.  Wilson stated, “We do it to keep the future of our shooting sport alive.”

In any event, Gun-O-Rama was fun, entertaining, well-organized considering it’s size, and the food was yummy.  Even the door prizes were great!  Though the volunteers that evening were terrific at describing the games, it may have been better if the rules and games were described ahead of time.  I also observed that Elk Grove learned quite a bit from Modesto’s experience – California’s first Gun-O-Rama.  The raffle was operated away from the guns so that others can look at the prizes.  Good move from the committee and the folks who brought that and other concerns to their attention.  It made Elk Grove a better event!

A huge thanks to Brandon of Wild Bill’s Old West Trading, Elk Grove Friends of NRA and their volunteers for providing an excellent evening.

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