New Shooter Video and Photographs

New shooter of October 2009.

New shooter of October 2009.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend’s significant other joined us for a range trip.  I introduced the gentleman to his first firearm in 2008.  This trip was his other half’s first.  Before she pulled the trigger for the first time, she related to me that she was scared.  I assured her that she can take her time.  As long as she followed Cooper’s four rules, she has nothing to be afraid of.  Take a look at the video.  A complete 180 if you ask me.

Shooting at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center.  Overtime, I’ve found that most have responded best with reactive targets.  I started off with Shoot N’ See target stickers.  Those appeared to work well since they get to take the targets home.  This is my first time introducing a new shooter to steel targets.  The steel targets were at 50 yards with a bolt action .22LR equipped with bull horn iron sights.  It is my opinion that her reaction rivals the dancing giddy girl.

I’m expecting a narrative from her any day now.  For now, I believe the video does not require further explanation.

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