October ePostal Match

This month, US Citizen hosts a District 9 ePostal match.  Go play!  I will.

D9Shoot 5 rounds at each of two targets at a distance of 7 yards or more.

There are 5 “X-Rings” that score 10 points.  Other areas of the targets have scores as indicated.

Total the score for two (2) targets and email a scan and send your entry to the address on the target.

One entry (2 targets) per gun / caliber used.

Tie breaker will be best score at longest range (if more than 7 yards is indicated on the targets).

How to steps:

1. Download the targets (click image)
2. Print out the rules
3. Go Shoot the targets (One or two-hand grip, unsupported)
4. Record score / shooter / firearm & caliber / distance / score
5. Scan or Take pictures of the targets
6. Email in the pics



Class H-I: Rim fire with iron sights
Class H-II: Rim fire with optics
Class H-III: Center fire with iron sights
Class H-IV: Center fire with optics


Class R-I: Rim fire with iron sights
Class R-II: Rim fire with optics
Class R-III: Center fire with iron sights
Class R-IV: Center fire with optics

Since the September match ran  long, the October match will have a deadline of  Monday midnight, November 9, 2009 for submitting entries.

Results will be posted here after all entries are tallied.

Be safe & go shoot some targets!

h/t to Mr. Completely for coordinating.

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2 Comments on “October ePostal Match”

  1. October 8, 2009 at 12:44 am #

    Er, November = October ?

  2. October 8, 2009 at 3:14 am #

    Haha. Thanks US Citizen. I guess I was thrown off because it’s the last one of the year thinking that December would be too busy. Silly me.

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