From the hidden archives.

This was written sometime in January 2009.  I did not have permission to post Sarah’s first time shooting narrative until recently:

I may get frustrated, confused and sometimes downright depressed about how some people feel about the legitimate use of firearms – for sport or defense.  However, one cannot but feel anything but hate.  There’s no room for hate – only dedication to a cultural and a perspective on life I hold dear.  Unless it’s rust or politicians.

I try to ask every new shooter I take out shooting to write about their experience on their first time out.  I was very fortunate enough to have Sarah respond.  I do ask for complete honesty since it doesn’t do anyone justice to not address a problem if there is one.

Her response is as follows:

Actually, can you not post this up because your gun lovers on the blog will hate me =D Unless you rather me not be honest…haha

Remember, at first I told you I did not like guns because I think they kill people and animals. Now, after I learn a little more about them I think guns should only be available at shooting ranges for recreational use but not for hunting or self defense..etc. Although, I think that your four rules of firearm is full proof, but like I said before, it is the people behind the gun that are stupid and many of them who have guns do not care to follow those rules.

I like how the instructions were given before we went to the gun range because then it would have been too noisy to hear. Also, I like the reminders of the rules during so i don’t forget them. Then after awhile it just becomes natural.

Yes, of course I enjoyed it because I like learning anything that’s new and different.


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