Another Plug for GBR-IV

True Blue Sam, the travelin’ man,  put together this nice slide show to promote GBR-IV this year.  It’s pretty nifty.  Check it out!

Don’t let the slide show fool you.  Much more interesting bloggers will be there other than myself.   It’s a pretty healthy list if you ask me.

D.W. Drang of The Clue Meter

Miss Elain-eous of Bearcat’s Spin

Azreel of Free Spirit Mind

John O’C. of the Gun Counter forum

Benjamin of The Reasonable Nut

KeeWee, from KeeWee’s Corner

Phil & David, from Random Nuclear Strikes

US Citizen, from Traction Control

Ride Fast & the Commandress, from Ride Fast – Shoot Straight

Mr. & Mrs. JimmyB, the Conservative UAW Guy

Lou from Mad Gun

Mr. Completely

Rachel Parson from the NRA

D.W. Drang from The Clue Meter

EJ from Engineering Johnson

Cap’n Bob & Damsel

Alan Gura

Mark Knapp from Firearms Lawyer

Maj. Chuck Ziegenguss from From My Position – On the way and founder of Project Valour-IT.

Kevin from The Smallest Minority

Dirt Crashr, from Anthroblogogy

Chris & Mel Byrne, from The Anarchangel

Uncle, From Say Uncle

Larry Weeks, from Brownell’s

Andy and Lance from HiCap Gun Works

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