Placer County Library – Applegate Branch

Once again I’m outside of the office conducting interviews.  I often find myself with a tad bit too much time in between appointments, but I’ve been fortunate to find places to relax and maybe write a few reports before making it back to the office.  Usually, they’re just small sandwich places or maybe a coffee shop.  Today I’m at the Placer County Library.  When I’m inside a library, I often think of Breda.  I bet the librarians here aren’t as cool as she is, however.  At least I haven’t observed any “No Weapons” signs.

Bless the Wi-Fi here provided by the taxpayers of Placer County.  I have about another hour to burn before I head out for my next visit.

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One Comment on “Placer County Library – Applegate Branch”

  1. July 22, 2009 at 7:27 pm #

    I like Auburn, there’s some great dirtbike riding out of there. There used to be great dirtbike riding around here but the rich assholes closed it all up under the guise of environmentalism, hope that doesn’t happen to Auburn…or I’ll have to head farther up to Foresthill, or over to Georgetown.

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