Minor Update…

Surprise.  I managed to write a few words today.  I can’t believe a month has passed since Boomershoot 2009.  I have yet to publish anything worthwhile to read.  Sure.  I have pictures, but it’s hardly any justice to Boomershoot 2009 without a narration.  Anyway…

I’ve had a few strange and interesting cases at work within the past few weeks, but I haven’t been swamped.  More or less, I haven’t been interested in updating anything.   The good news is that I did get to try out the Advantage Arms .22LR conversion kit for the Glock 19.  Not bad, though I am a bit disappointed with the performance.  I observed a few stovepipe and double feed malfunctions, but I did shoot a fly off of my target.  I did aim for it, but I admit it was a lucky shot.  On another visit, I’ll have to play the ammunition game again, unfortunately.


Fly guts in all it's glory.

Regarding ammunition.

While at a very quiet shooting range, I didn’t realize how sheltered I have become from the ammunition shortage.  I observed two individuals who were relieved that the shooting range were selling American Eagle 500 .22LR cartridges, but for $38.00.  Prior to any sign of shortages I’ve always bought two packs of Remington Golden Bullet and a Federal target-grade ammuntion brick at Walmart.  I don’t visit often, but apparently often enough to afford me the luxury to not worry about it.  It was nice knowing that I had enough to enjoy for the entire day and more for a later day.

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    […] on several occasions.  It appears that AA’s warning to not use Federal ammunition is valid.  Duly noted.  With Remington Golden Bullets and CCI Stingers, the kit performed superbly.  Though accuracy […]

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