Easy Access: $5000 + 1 hour = 10 guns

The Challenge: To Buy a Gun in One Hour

For over a year, ABC News has followed Omar Samaha on a very personal quest to hold those lawmakers to their word. Omar’s sister Reema was one of 32 shot and killed at Virginia Tech. We went with Omar to a gun show in Richmond, Va. — one of hundreds held every weekend across the state of Virginia and the country. We gave Samaha $5,000 and one hour to see how many guns he could buy, and how many questions he would be asked.

Where the hell was I?  I didn’t realize ABC was offering a shopping spree.

On a serious note, ABC angled this story to reflect how easy it is to purchase a firearm through a private party.  According to ABC’s newspeak, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and other authorities wanted to close the “gun show loophole” as a result of the murders at Virginia Tech.  The truth however is the Cho Seung-hui, the murderous crazy loon, actually bought his firearms from a dealer.  The kicker?  Seung-hui was found mentally-ill.  Under federal law (thanks Brady circa 1993), anyone who has been “adjudicated as a mental defective,” as well as those who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility, is prohibited from buying a gun.

What is most concerning is that ABC is covering a story that has little to do with Omar Samaha’s quest for answers — or closure.  It would behoove everyone to look at laws already written and invesitgate their effectiveness or necessity.  Way to go ABC… you’re not reporting, investigating or on a quest for answers – just looking for bleeding hearts.

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