Light goes where?

I hope I’m not alone as I sit here scratching my head thinking, “WTF?”


For those who didn’t quite get it, I suppose I must start off with little what I know on flashlights.  In a low light situation, a good flashlight is necessary.  Rule Number Four:  Be sure of your target.  Know what it is, what is in line with it, and what is behind it.  Never shoot anything you have not positively identified.

Flash lights aren’t always tacticool.  They serve a purpose.  When applied correctly, it will save your life or the life of another that you may have otherwise misidentified in a dark room.

Generally, they’re mounted on a rail on the dust cover just under the barrel.  In some models, you can install a base if your pistol does not come with one.  There are other techniques to hold a flash light while your firearm is presented as well.

The picture above had me wondering why the hell would anyone do that?  Jams are cleared with a tap on the magazine, followed with a good rack of the slide.  A re-evaluation of the threat is suggested.  If necessary, let it go bang.  Tap, rack, bang.  A tap on the flash light won’t hurt, but what if you have a double feed?  That mazagine will have to go.  Ditch that magazine and get another one!

If your magazine is gone, where is your illumination source?


That is unless the seller anticipates you to purchase several flashlights and mounts – one for every magazine you plan on utilizing.

It’s a gunbroker auction if you were curious.

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One Comment on “Light goes where?”

  1. November 27, 2008 at 7:24 pm #

    Yeah, but it’s COOL! Witness: if you put a 2-AA-cell Maglite on there you could get the effect of the guns used in Disney’s The Black Hole. Those were some cool guns, always wanted one like those.

    (/crotchety old guy rant)

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