Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction

I’ve been holding on to this .pdf for awhile.  I’ve skimmed through it, but it’s difficult to read if it’s not physically in my hands.  So I decided to print out the entire file.  If anything, a physical copy is likely more appropriate as a reference.  You know.  Just in case.


Survival and Austere Medicine:  An Introduction

Date of publication: April 2005
Contents:- Disclaimer; Background

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 What do I need to know & how do I learn it?: Formal training; Informal training

Chapter 3 Organisation (BCE)… Chapter 4 Medical kits (BCE): Obtaining medical supplies; Storage and rotation; How much? Specific medical kits; Surgical instruments

Chapter 5 Antibiotics (BCE): Bacteria; Antibiotics

Chapter 6 Sterilisation and disinfection (TG)

Chapter 7 The basic laboratory (GM): Urine testing; Blood counts; Blood grouping; Cross matching; Gram staining; Pregnancy tests; Glucose testing

Chapter 8 Herbal and Botanical medicine (GL): Preparation of botanicals and herbs for storage; Medicinal botanical preparation methods; Specific botanicals and herbs

Chapter 9 Other alternative medicine (BCE): General points; Colloidal Silver; “The Placebo effect”

Chapter 10 Medical aspects of shelter living (BCE): Psychological problems; Infectious disease; Light; Exercise; Nutrition

Chapter 11 Long-term survival medicine (BCE): Introduction; Education/Knowledge; Lifestyle/Public health; Patient assessment; Treatment/Therapies

Chapter 12 Woman’s Health Issues (BCE): Contraception; Childbirth; Abortion; Breastfeeding

Chapter 13 Medical aspects of NBC warfare (SG): Nuclear; Biological; Chemical… Chapter 14 Wound closure and suturing (BCE)

Chapter 15 Austere Dental care (BCE/RQD): Preventive dentistry; Scaling and cleaning; Drilling and filling; Dental trauma; Extractions; Prosthetics

Chapter 16 Nursing care in an austere environment (RR)… Chapter 17 Frequently asked questions (BCE)

Chapter 18 Reference books (RR): First tier references; Second tier references; Third tier references

Chapter 19 Austere medicine sound bites… Chapter 20 Survival Medicine Fiction: Amputation; The apprentice; Appendix 1 Equipment suppliers.

Source/publisher: The Remote, Austere, Wilderness and Third World Medicine Discussion Board Moderators


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