Setting it Straight

It’s awkward writing rants.  Most of my readers [at least to my knowledge] are like-minded individuals.  I often feel that I’m preaching to the choir and snippets of my “scrap-bitching” [term, courtesy of Traction Control?] aren’t necessary.  However, I find myself compelled to write about them anyway…

Freedom is a birthright to every human being born to this earth.  Though that intention is written on a piece of paper, the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution does not give us that right.  Some people fail to understand that these birthrights are unalienable regardless of your citizenry – it just so happens that the United States of America is a government meant to protect those rights.  As a government, the people are to be feared; having it any other way is a violation of the people’s God-given rights.  We, the people, grant the government certain powers to secure these rights – not override them.  This is why I become concerned when a candidate parade against any of our rights – especially in regards to our right to keep and bear arms in defense of self and from government.  It’s a scary time to see what out government has become.  That’s why we all must maintain, at minimum, our RKBA.  It’s a slippery slope when it becomes a possibility our nation’s citizens may be disarmed like the subjects of Great Britain and Australia.

This general election, I filled in the bubble next to John McCain and Sarah Palin.  I agree with some issues they present, but nothing that I’m “gaga” for.  If it makes anyone feel better, think of it as a vote against Senator Barry Soetoro, not for McCain.  Hell, if it’s not firearms you want to vote for, vote against Soetoro’s socialistic ideology.

It’s unfortunate that I’m labeled as a racist, elitist or a mindless drone for the National Rifle Association when I mention that I’m voting against Soetoro.  Nonetheless, I find more unfortunate that others feel compelled to vote for Soetoro based on his “African” decent.  Really?  Who is the racist now?

Let me set this straight.  I’m not stating Maverick McCain is a much better candidate than Soetoro is.  It’s like preferring a 0˚F room over -32˚F.  Both rooms are cold; it just so happens that a 0˚F room happens to be “warmer.”  Voting for the better evil, if you will.

What keeps my mind at ease?  At least McCain has a voting record that semi represents his support for the 2nd Amendment.  It’s spotty, but it’s a hell of a lot better than Soetoro’s.  This, at least, increases the likelihood that any SCOTUS judge appointed will continue to affirm that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right.

Under no circumstances will I vote for a candidate that looks at my instruments of freedom as a hindrance to society.  If Barry Soetoro is firmly against my guns, he’s also against the very foundation of this country.


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