GBR Day 1

So I made it to Reno, NV without a hitch.  I’m currently staying at the WorldMark Resort just down the street from Circus Circus.  Got to meet Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox for NRA’s official endorsement of John McCain and Sarah Palin for executive office.  I had a tasty buffalo burger at a BBQ resturant at Circus Circus.  Listened in on some great conversation.  I didn’t have anything to drink, however.  Oh well.  Maybe next time when I can catch the shuttle.

Note:  A woman, who attended the press conference, made an interesting comment.  She’s an Asian immigrant of ten years.  She recently joined the NRA about a year ago.  Regarding Obama as the next President of the United States, she stated she was fearful.  When she sees Obama, he reminds her of communism.  Chris of The AnarchAngel took her photograph and likely has a better recollection of exactly what she said.  In fact, I think another blogger had a conversation with her (Kevin from The Smallest Minority has it here).  Hopefully, they’ll surface and I’ll edit this entry as they become available.

Oh. Here I am obstaining from fine alcohol.  The aroma was wonderful, though…

GBR Day 2

GBR Day 3

GBR Day 4

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