Teaching others

I’ve introduced a few folks to shooting and I have always had a great time.  Most of these individuals I already knew, so it was pretty awesome when a local resident found my blog and took my offer to take him shooting.  He is the first and hopefully more will follow.  Here’s Donald’s account:

It was great meeting up with you and having you mentor me through the ropes of shotgunning a few weeks ago, Sunday.  Thank you very much.  I also appreciate the pointers on range etiquette, particularly the admonition to display an open chamber, when setting the shotgun aside

I need to remember to not point the gun at what I don’t want to shoot and to keep my finger off the trigger unless I intend to shoot.

It was a great learning experience, Derek.  For that reason, I’d recommend a shooting session with you instructing to anyone.

Yeah. I thought it was awesome.


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    […] Do you remember Don?  He was the first person who took up my offer to take them shooting.  I saw him at the range today too!  He appears to be doing well.  Unfortunately, he hadn’t been shooting since our last meet.  It may have something to do with the 12 ga. Remington 870 that he has – the only gun he owns.  We talked shop for a little bit and now he’s thinking about finding something with a little less kick.  We’ll see… […]

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