Wallet Tools

I remember when Swiss Army came out with their variation of a wallet tool.  It was really cool since it was in a wallet instead of your key chain – spiffy concept.  I never owned one from Swiss, but ownership wasn’t necessary to recognize how it will likely increase the bulge in my pants.  And it wasn’t even the good bulge either.  A friend who bought the Swiss Army variation noticed it was more difficult to close his wallet and sitting on it was more pain in the ass than it was worth.  He often left home without it or took it out and left it in the car.

The wallet was too thick and a burden beyond usefulness.  If I didn’t want it in my wallet, it’s not likely I’m going to carry it.  For some reason I thought the ToolLogic Tool Lite Deluxe would be different, but the same issues surfaced.  Nifty tools, but too big for my wallet.  I carry this in my backpack instead, along with a pressure bandage and Kerlix.

To clarify, I don’t like carrying huge wallets.  I like my leather bi-fold compact and easy to manage. Maybe it’s a body/wallet size proportion problem, but having a wallet thicker than 1 1/2” seems unnecessary.  Adding an additional 2/8” for a multi-tool was unacceptable.

This is why I really like the Mini Stainless Steel Wallet Survival Tool.  It’s a flat piece of metal that performs 10 different functions: knife, ruler, saw, can opener, reamer, screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener, wire stripper, and emergency compass. [I note only 10 because I can’t find the stinkin’ file].

My brother actually bought this gift for me last Christmas and it’s been with me since.  The blade is sharp and holds an edge well.  I love the bottle opener – you can really save the day when there are bottles everywhere, but no opener to be found.  Pulling this tool out won’t make you look like a chronic drinker either [yes, I’m talking about those ornamental bottle openers shaped like beer bottles].

This has been the most useful wallet tool for me; not necessarily because how many tools it possess, but how accessible it has been since I actually carry it with me.  For the price, it makes a perfect gift too!


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