Skimping on Tools?

Two things:

1.  I’m sorry to those who have requested measurements on certain firearms and seem to fall on deaf ears.  I was close (several times) to getting a $15 digital caliper from OSH, but I couldn’t stomach paying for an inexpensive, “precise” instrument when I have been reading otherwise.

2.  Those who have requested measurements will get them soon.  I just received my new dial caliper in the mail today since I intend to start reloading anyway.  I bought a Starrett Model 1202 6″.  I should have done a tad bit more research… it’s made in China (Global Series).  It was my intention to buy a USA made product, but I didn’t realize there were any other.  I was “buying food while hungry”…

I’m uncertain if I got my money’s worth –  sorry “Lucy”.  I suppose we’ll find out.  I won’t hesitate to buy an old one if I find ’em on Craig’s list…  Then again, for my needs, this will likely suffice.  It’ll bug me for a few days though.

Man, even the box smells like my Grandma’s old house, i.e., “Chinese”.

On that note…

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