Mike makes it look easy…

… so I’ve convinced myself to seriously look into casting.  I suppose I should start visiting my local tire shops for lead weights.

I remain on the look out for a good scale and caliper.  I think I just missed a good deal on a used one – hopefully another one will pop up. The difference between new and used prices will make it worth while.

Things are starting to look gewd.

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2 Comments on “Mike makes it look easy…”

  1. August 7, 2008 at 4:10 pm #

    not only is it easy- its addictive. You don’t seem to skimp when you jump into a hobby- so I’ll save you from recommending low end stuff. Buy a mold with as many cavities as you can afford. Some people think the aluminum lee 6 cavity molds wear out fast- but honestly if you treat your stuff with some respect they’ll last a long time. the 2 cavity lee molds are of lesser quality.

    Lyman and RCBS are top notch- I’d recommend a bottom pour pot. its a lot faster, and you still get good consistency. if you go for ubber accurate rifle loads, then you’re production rate will slow- but most casters I feel start out looking for volume and cost benefit.

    get as much lead as you can- a couple hundred pounds goes quick when you start shooting as much as you want.

    check out automotive recycling centers for lead, tire shops, stain glass window places that use lead wire in their processes, and estate sales.

    I have a lee 10 lb pot- A 20lb pot would be nicer. hot plates to preheat molds are handy, but by no means necessary. sawdust makes good flux, and when you pick up those buckets of wheel weights, save the tire stems. they are pure brass under the rubber and have good scrap value.

    I’ll try to get a post up with pics of a step by step process of casting, but this moving crap is for the birds.

    how’d the wisdom teeth thing heal up?

  2. August 7, 2008 at 11:24 pm #

    Good to know. I’ve been pursuing through the forum listed on your blog to see what options I have.

    My pockets where my wisdom teeth formally held residence are fine.

    My best friend? A pipette. For a few days now, I haven’t left the house without one. Just in case. Though I haven’t had a cheeseburger yet, I’ve been so fortunate to actually have food at home lately.

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