No, that’s wrong, Cartman. But don’t worry. There are no stupid answers, just stupid people.

Why am I not surprised.

Most gun owners may remember the two anti-gun ordinances passed in Sacramento.  It was recently brought to my attention that the inevitable has happened – ammunition logs have been used to track down innocent gun owners.

DrjonesUSA of tells us this story:

The one we are concerned with here is the one [ordinance] that requires all ammo dealers within the city limits to take your fingerprints, name, address, amount, type and brand of ammo purchased, as well as a whole other laundry list of your personal information.

Well, I just learned that a law-abiding Sacramento Gun Owner’s home was visited by Sac PD because of some ammunition he recently purchased. He was not home, but the homicide detective left a business card and written on back was “call me immediately!”

On the phone, the PD asked him to surrender his gun for ballistics testing, but for now, they have not come by to get it, nor has he heard from them for a few days now.

This is a reminder to anyone who has purchased ammunition within the city of Sacramento to keep your eyes & ears open – if any LEOs of any stripe contact you regarding ammunition that you purchased, remember your rights! You do NOT have to surrender your personal property without consulting with an attorney first.

**If you are contacted by Law Enforcement in or around the city of Sacramento regarding ammunition you purchased, please contact me immediately. PM or preferably Email me through this board and I will respond on the quick!!! **

It’s imperative you heed his advise.

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