The damage has been done…

I bought a Savage 10FP today.  It has a 20″ barrel, chambered in .308.  I don’t have it yet.  In California, many of us must wait 10 days so we’re not tempted to off ourselves or commit crimes of passion stupidity… even if we already own firearms that could do either very well.

In the mean time, I’m scrounging up cash so I can buy an optic set up.

… All this for Boomershoot 2009.

I’m also drawing up plans to make a nice shooting bench.  The challenge?  Creating a table with adjustable legs.

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3 Comments on “The damage has been done…”

  1. bleppo
    August 2, 2008 at 4:49 pm #

    I have a 10FP in 24″ .308 persuasion. Awesome instrument.

    I put a Leupold 8.5-25xLRT on it.

    168BTHPs may be overkill for prairie dogs but the accuracy they provide is inspiring.

    One hint: do NOT be tempted to put a cheap scope on it, not matter how attractive something like a Tasco may look to the wallet. Get the absolute best you can swing. My vote goes to Leupold. American, lifetime warranty, impeccable quality, excellent customer service. What’s not to like?

    You are gonna LOVE the Savage! Congratulations.

  2. August 4, 2008 at 6:40 pm #

    I agree regarding the glass. It’s difficult to budget for both the reloader and glass at the same time, but I’m managing. I intend on getting a Night Force type with a 30mm tube. Not exactly sure what model.

    It’s only a 20″ barrel, but with the right load, I’m hoping to shoot well at 800-1000 yards.


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