Join or Die

California has this silly reputation being at the “forefront” of activist legislation; supposedly changing the nation for the better.  For many reasons, I find it quite ironic given that California is among the lowest in K-12 education standards and have one of the largest prison systems in the world.  Yes, we have the sunny skies and happy cows, but many before me had to juggle between their gun-rights and their desire to live here.  With District of Columbia vs. Heller affirmed, it’s only a matter of time when the totalitarian gun laws of California will come into question.  By then, we hope our choice won’t be so difficult.

I’m quite young, so I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I have a firm recollection of California firearm legislation history. I was only four when the original Roberti-Roos ban list was enacted into law.  Ten years later, the Clinton administration passed the 1994 Federal Crime Bill.  When SB23 passed in 1999 my only concern were girls and looking cool – I have a picture of me sporting a mullet to prove it.

As California attempted to maintain the front line against anti-gun laws, I gather that it was relatively difficult to progress without cohesive effort from ALL gun-owners and associations.  It wasn’t until California gun-owners gave birth to a force to reckon with – and those who are the drum-beaters of this cohesive forum have done what others though were unimaginable.  When AR-15 like-receivers were understood to be legal, there were only a handful of Federal Firearms Licensed dealers who felt comfortable to proceed with the transfer.  With only a few brave dealers and even fewer individuals to convince them, OLL are now common amongst Californians.

Though my experience with firearms is rooted from Boy Scouts, I believe the rush for OLLs sparked my interest to a whole new level.  It was the ingenuity of our Calgunners that motivated me to understand the silly laws of this state and finally encourage others to rally for our RKBA.

It was only three ago when I bought my first firearm; two Sun Devil SD-15s.  I have educated myself about gun laws in California since, only to expand my understanding to federal laws after receiving my non-resident Utah CCW and C&R licenses.  I’m now an NRA member, certified to teach pistol and rifle. Until I understood that my desire to RKBA were under attack, never did I think I would be so politically involved.  Not only by politicians who run this state, but strangers who I may meet on a regular basis.  I think it’s really weird that I would be discriminated against on the basis of firearm ownership before my ancestry.  Despite continued efforts to restrict firearms, California gun owners finally have the means to efficiently fight back against some of the scariest gun legislation – our fight has only begun.

Now is the best time to be a gun owner in California and many of us are fired up more than ever before.  We have the opportunity to right the wrong and establish precedent for time to come.  I can imagine the reluctance from the free-states, but they should join too!  They don’t have to step foot in California either.  Just continue to do what you do best.  Be the NRA; get others involved to allow our numbers to grow and be an educated voter.  Join or let our rights die.

“Don’t depend on the enemy not coming; depend rather on being ready for him.”
–    Sun-tsu, The Art of War

Remain diligent and ready, folks.  It’s going to get interesting.

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4 Comments on “Join or Die”

  1. R
    July 2, 2008 at 3:06 pm #

    Awesome editorial Derek!!!

  2. July 2, 2008 at 8:42 pm #

    Here’s tipping the hat to you from the other coast, centered in another gun hating state. We’ll do it or piss em’ off fierce while trying.


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