Ballistic Injury Response Kits

It’s certainly been awhile since I’ve discussed my class with Last Man Standing Defense. As mentioned earlier, I’ve learned a lot regarding what it really means to control bleeding. The ballistic cavities that are created do not exist on the surface – surface pressure is ineffective for such wounds. Neglect and malice aforethought are out there on the shooting range and the real world. It’s unfortunate that self preservation has been a dumbed down instinct.

Utilizing what I learned from a VERY basic defensive medicine class, I was able to determine which kit will work for me without breaking the bank. I couldn’t afford one right away, so I’ve been keeping Kerlix and self-adhering elastic bandages in the car and range bag. I ended up purchasing my kit from Tactical Med Solutions. They also have a blog which is also worth reading as well.

I ended up purchasing the basics, plus a few of their pressure bandages and one 15g bag of Celox. Since I really had nothing to start off with, this kit made it really easy so I wouldn’t have to shop around at different outlets. Their ballistic response pack comes with the following:

1 – SOF Tactical Tourniquet
1 – 4 inch Olaes Bandage
1 – Petrolatum Gauze
1 – Nasopharyangeal airway 28F
2 – Pair of Gloves, nitrile, Size: Extra large
1 – 2 inch Tape, surgical
1 – Laderal Face shield
1 – Trauma shears
1 – STAT Triage Card

This kit didn’t come with surgical lube for the NPA nor do I even know if 28F will fit my nose. However, I can tell you it’s much softer and smaller than the one I attempted to insert from the class.

A few observations and considerations when buying your kit. Lots of places utilize the Israeli bandages for pressure bandages. This is satisfactory, but it was pointed out that the hook to leverage the pressure breaks off really easily. This is why the cinch tight is preferred since it uses a metal hook instead.

Nonetheless, if that’s all you have, use it. It was interesting that Chapman emphasized to not get caught up with hooking the bandage – so it leaves me wondering if any hook is entirely necessary. This is why the Olaes bandage will seem to suffice – plus it comes with the gauze necessary to stuff a wound with the bandage.


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