Another School Shooting…

Let’s assume that after the Virgina Tech shooting, every campus reviewed their policy in regards to school emergencies. Among those schools, Northern Illinois University would have been one of them… Nonetheless, when help is minutes away, uncertain death can be seconds…
“It started and ended within a matter of seconds,” [Police Chief Donald Grady] said.

I think it’s terrific that police around the nation are attempting to prepare for emergency calls such as this. It makes them feel better, right? The reaction time however – no matter how great they are, the distance to haul ass from the assigned beat to the site of emergency still takes time.

“You really can’t prepare for something like this until it happens,” UI senior Alex Morel said.

I say you can. Illinois is one of two states where rights to carry concealed weapons is denied. Had the right to carry been in place, it would have been more likely for the sucker to die a death without the loss of an innocent life. Unfortunately, the law abiding citizens were not given the option to prepare…

They must have missed out on the group buy for these Gun Free Zone signs…

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One Comment on “Another School Shooting…”

  1. February 21, 2008 at 6:13 pm #

    did you see the brady campaign was asking for donations the same day the shooting happened? sick stuff.

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