I don’t speak your language, but I’m not deaf.

Traditionally, one would assume that libraries, movie theatres and saunas are quiet. Nonetheless, idiots continue to banter about their sore spots, the guy sitting in front, or the unjustified grade they received in Psychology 1A. If someone were to talk about a Herpies outbreak they had last week, I assumed that the information regarding their puss filled blisters would be kept a secret (I was proved wrong last week). The vocal output would then be reasonable, yielding a conversational whisper traveling less than one foot. I’m glad that the “indoor voice” is a social norm for most people. However, some speakers of another language seem to be ignorant of common courtesy. I have no idea what they’re discussing, but I can still hear them!

I don’t understand a lick of any foreign language; may it be Chinese, Vietnamese, or Spanish. I’m content speaking only English – although I regret not taking my Japanese classes seriously. Furthermore, I don’t mind individuals speaking their chosen language as it’s none of my business what their conversing; I do mind the volume. For instance, I’ve been utilizing my free time to relax in a sauna; a 10’x10’ room. It doesn’t take much to hear the person sitting next to you. For reasons beyond pure idiocy, the foreign tongue enables one to speak louder! I’m not much for tolerance, so I generally ask politely for the offender to tone it down. Most comply, but it doesn’t take long for the few to resume their 20’ conversation. I suppose it’s just another thing I’ll have to tolerate.


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