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With the free time I had yesterday, I tried out the new scope on the Henry US Survival instead of sleeping. I also got over the fact that a loose front sight is a piss poor excuse to not use the windage adjustment on it. Chances are I’ll have to make sure it stays put if the sight blade happens to hit something, but it beats creating a new rear sight. The good news is that I got the rifle shooting straight with the iron (plastic) sights.

I was disappointed with the scope and I feel like I wasted my money. Take that with a grain of salt however, because my contacts were irritating me all day and I wasn’t very consistent. It probably wasn’t a good day to shoot. Nonetheless, it was a learning experience and I plan on improving the idea.

First thing I noticed is that thumb tightening the scope rings on the receiver isn’t a good idea. May it be the front or the back ring, they would come loose after 10-15 shots. Using a quarter to tighten them is an option, but that takes away from the “tool-less” feature of this rifle. I’m thinking that a crusher washer might help to prevent the thumb screws from backing out. I’ll have to make a trip to the hardware store to explore that.

It’s a cheap BSA scope, so I didn’t expect much out of it. Once I know it’s zeroed, I’m going to test to see if mounting it on and off will mess up everything up. If it fails, I think the scope idea will have to be trashed – unless I can find tip-off quick-detach rings.

The next time I go out, I hope to remedy the loose scope issue and perhaps get more consistent results.

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6 Comments on “Shooting with a Scoped Henry”

  1. Abe
    January 31, 2016 at 1:10 pm #

    Hi – what rings or attachment hardware have you used for the BSA scope? I’m trying to do the same but can’t find the right hardware. Thanks!


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