A Safety Lesson

I came across this illustration at www.calguns.net. Chiefcrash’s father utilized a graphic example of the consequences neglecting the power of a firearm. The lesson learned from that experience must have been powerful… Kudos to responsible parents.

“When I was growing up, my parents let me have toy guns. They also smacked the crap out of me if i pointed one at my sister. Then, when i was old enough (around 8, i think), they took me shooting with a real gun. My dad spent 4 hours going over safety, responsibility, and such. And then when we finally went to go shoot, he brought a watermelon and a picture of my mom. He taped the picture of my mom to the watermelon and shot it, producing an impressive “explosion”…

then he explained “if you get careless with one of these, and don’t give it the respect and attention it deserves, this is what can happen to people you care about”.

i swear, the vast majority of problems in this country could be solved within 1-2 generations if parents would just do their freaking jobs…”

This is assuming that the child does indeed care for their loved ones… [where’s that evil grin smiley when you need it]

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One Comment on “A Safety Lesson”

  1. lolz
    May 28, 2009 at 5:37 am #

    totally… is parents would just do their jobs, then this country would be much safer.

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