A Message from H Paul Payne

This is a recap of our efforts to get the message across to representatives in California. I called a few dozen and it was an interesting experience. The following is written by H Paul Payne in a thread from www.calguns.net.

“To All:

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Virtual Rally (of the State Capitol in Sacramento) on May 23, 2007.

Our position was heard, and understood, by those who work in the legislative offices – presumably doing the people’s business.

On the other hand; at the same time, the misguided efforts of a tiny fringe subset of individuals who attempted to promote more restrictions on the possession of firearms by lawful citizens, fell on its face. Not only was it a small group of the usual suspects, for the most part – the only support they found was from those who already were in their camp.

For those of you who experienced your first Virtual Rally, I’m sure the idea of calling/faxing several legislators initially seemed a little foreign. But once you got used to explaining to the legislative staff (on the phone) that the votes cast in Sacramento affect you, as much as someone in their district, it became much easier. Most veteran Members’ Council members have experienced that learning curve some time ago, but for those of you who just went through it — welcome to our foxhole.

Once again, I’de like to thank all of you who helped the NRA get our message out.

FOCUS – UNITY – EFFECTIVENESS in support of a larger plan, is what matters. The rest is best left to the detractors and the anti-gunners.

Yours, for the Second Amendment and the NRA.



H. Paul Payne
NRA Liaison to the Executive Vice President
3565 La Ciotat Way
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 683-4NRA Office
(951) 779-0740 Fax
nrausmc@adelphia.net Email”

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