The California Black Rifle

In California, it’s already difficult to find anything fun to buy as a result of inane gun laws. However, thanks to the sharp minds at and with the pass of AB 2728, many Californians may start to appreciate the beauty and versatility of the AR-15 variation.

Nearly a year ago, the hub-bub about unlisted lowers was hot. It was anticipated that these unlisted lowers were going to be listed as assault weapons in California in any given two weeks. In California, there are several ways assault weapons are characterized: by aesthetics, magazine capacity, and series by model. Primarily, theres SB23 that specifically deal with features that deem a weapon evil and the Kasler list that specifies which make and model a weapon is banned for purchase or transfer. However, the Kasler list was vague and criticized by the Harrott decision in 2001. I wish to not go into detail – because there is a lot… Please check out the FAQ here.

I bought my two lowers from an FFL at a premium price. There were very few who were willing to do the transfer and time was precious under the guise that these black rifles were going to be listed. I bought two Sun Devil lowers with consecutive numbers.

I waited a year before building my rifle because I really wanted a pistol. I’ve bought enough pistols, so bit by bit, I built my California legal black rifle. I ended up purchasing the Stag lower parts kit, CMMG 16″ upper with mid-length gas-tube, bullet-button magazine release, Bushmaster 10 round magazine, and a Stag fixed butt-stock. I was originally going to use the MonsterMan grip, but the fixed magazine set up will suffice until I have enough funds. The other alternative to the MonsterMan grip is the U-15 stock.

It’s been a wild year. Who would have thought one could own a black .223 rifle in California? Despite the fact it’s neutered compared to the free states, it’s better than nothing I suppose. If you’re interested in building your California legal Ar-15, please refer the link first to answer most of the questions. The law is complicated and for many law enforcement officers, the issue regarding the difference between legal and illegal black rifles is vague. Ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse. Educate yourself. Nevertheless, have fun and ask questions after looking at the FAQ first.

The official Off List Lowers list.

I haven’t shot it yet. I wouldn’t expect a range report anytime soon – although I should go ahead and use that .223 I just bought.

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