Surefire Lumamax L2 and L4

Many underestimate our dependence on light. Ranging from short searches inside the car, roadside emergencies, to blackouts, light gives a sense of calm.

I’ve had maglites for several years and I found them useful with the exception to the limited output and bulb life. I’ve kept the larger, three-cell D battery model in my car for the longest time, but the size of the flashlight can be cumbersome. Battery life for many of the maglites is sub-par, and keeping extra batteries are difficult for long-term storage. Alkaline batteries by nature do not have a long shelf life.

After hemming and humming about different options for flashlights, I purchased a Lumamax L2 from Surefire. Surefire flashlights are well known for their high output lighting and dependability for outdoors and law enforcement activity. Not only are they known for the above, but for their size! The L2 is about the size of a two-cell AA flashlight (5.3 lumens), but gives off almost 20 times the light!

I paid approximately $145 new shipped from ebay. It originally came with a lanyard and two 134a lithium batteries. The 134a lithium batteries have a shelf life of 10 years, ideal for survival/emergency storage. The following are specifications from

Lumamax L2
Max Output: 15 lumens/100 lumens
Low/High Settings
Runtime: 18 hours/60 minutes
Low/High Selections
Length: 6.10 Inches
Weight: 4.20 Ounces
Battery: Two 123A Lithium

Specifically, this flashlight comes with a screw in/out mechanism to lock the light on, or off to prevent accidental activation. It also has the option to use a low output (15 lumens) or high output (100 lumens).

The second Surefire is the smaller one, deemed the Lumamax L4. It shares the battery capacity and maximum lumens, but it’s at least 1.25” shorter making it ideal for an everyday carry flashlight. Runtime is also longer on this model. I got it from my girlfriend and she made a great purchase! I actually carry this inside my backpack and proved to be handy on several occasions.

Lumamax L4
Max Output: 100 lumens
Runtime: 2.5 hours
1 hour high output, then 1.5 hours useful output
Length: 5.10 Inches
Weight: 3.40 Ounces
Battery: Two 123A Lithium

Both flashlights are bright enough to temporarily blind and disorient a person by impairing his night-adapted vision; therefore, making it alternative to pepper spray. The beveled end is also quite the striker.

surefire lumamax l2 and l4

Also consider that it’s TAA safe too! I went from Sacramento to Las Vegas without any trouble with this on my carry-on. Don’t take my word for it however… some TAA agents might like your flash light enough to confiscate it =O.

The picture on the left shows the lumamax L2 on the left, and the L4 on the right. The L2 is on the low-output setting, whereas the L4 is just on. The picture on the right shows both lights on at max-output.

surefire lumamax l2 and l4 disassembled

Both lights are easy to maintain. Simply make sure that they o-ring seals are well lubed. Since these are LED lights, don’t expect for the bulbs to go out for a LONG time! Compared to the incandenscent bulbs, these are not as bright; however, battery life is a big plus. One of the models from Surefire is 105/200 lumens, but the battery life is only 60 to 20 minutes. It’s what you’ll use it for that will determine which model you might get.

This is not to say that maglites are lame – they’re quite useful. They make great gifts, and cheap flashlights for those small emergency kits. They’re also quite affordable compared to the Surefire series. I also like their “candle” capability to light up a small room.

Despite the high price of these flashlights, they’re well worth it. I know my flashlight will work in all weather, tough, and will turn on.

**First two pictures were taken straight from Surefire’s website


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