Ares Defense SCR – A California Featureless Rifle

Derek's notes on the Ares Defense ACR.

Blue Force Gear Belt Pouches

Derek talks about Blue Force Gear's belt pouch system.


Covert Entry Concepts – Triple Aught Design’s CORE Program

Derek takes a lockpicking class in San Francisco through Triple Aught Design's ...

A Look at the Cloak Tuck 2.0 from Alien Gear Holsters

This product was received to review with no arrangement to return it. ...

SHOT Show 2015 – Overall

Purpose accomplished. I didn’t catch the SHOT Show crud, had a good ...

SHOT Show Industry Day 2015

As far as I’m concerned, it was another day at the range. ...

SHOT Show 2015 Preparation

Preparation for SHOT Show?  That’s funny. I just know I’ll be there ...

Tools at the Ready

Derek fixes stuff on the go and needs a place to put ...

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SHOT Show 2015 Coverage

FYI.  Reliable SHOT Show 2015 related product releases. RomeoTangoBravo Jerking the Trigger

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SHOT Show Every Year

I LOL’d, too.  Thanks, SayUncle.

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Extreme Close Quarters Concepts 2014, Re: Reflecting on Progress

Derek discusses his force-on-force training progress and reaffirms his greatest weakness is not in physical or firearms training, but verbal acumen.

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“This is for fighting. This is for fun.”

Derek buys another P3AT and observes some changes.

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Glock 42 – Preliminary thoughts

3rd quarter 2013, I was anticipating a single stack 9mm from GLOCK.  Imagine my disappointment when a retailer went live with their G42 accessories in December and leaked that it was a .380 ACP before GLOCK formally announced the release. GLOCK is a couple years behind, but I suppose no one was all that surprised.  […]

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Dale Fricke’s Joab MagPouch

I’ve dabbled with magazine pouches for the Kahr PM9 and found I like Dale Fricke’s horizontal pouch, Joab.  I have it positioned on my left side with the bullet pointed up, at 9-10 o’clock – just behind the iliac crest.  Easy to attach on and detach from the belt.  I’m also using Fricke’s Jonathan concealment […]

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Pot n’ Pan Rack

After shopping on Amazon not looking for what I wanted, I stumbled upon Life Currents’ pot rack. Inspired what the couple did, I set off to Home Depot to make my own to mount under my unfinished cabinets. Instead of the 1 1/2″ malleable iron they used, I opted for the 1/2″ pipe. – 2 […]

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Fresh Chicken

Of the sexed Ameraucana chicks I purchased, one was rooster.  I had an some idea when its tail feathers were longer than the other and a prominent saddle at 14 weeks, but all doubt was removed when I heard his announcement of the sun’s arrival, and continued the celebration throughout the day. The rooster had to […]

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Art of Escape – San Francisco, AAR

TPR Note: I wrote this after action report soon after the class concluded – sometime in late January. This was RiftRecon’s first class, and had notable hiccups. You may notice RiftRecon continues to offer the class; however, please note that the original instructor, Kelly Alwood, is no longer associated with RiftRecon. For better or worse, […]

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Consider Reassessing your Training Paradigm

I came across an article written by Aaron Cowan at Moderno that really described a shift in my training paradigm three years ago.  Cowan writes, “All things considered, the case for a sedentary life or simply practicing the gun and not strengthening the body is not just weak, it’s effectively dead.” It’s particularly intriguing when […]

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Building a chicken coop.

Aside stepping away from TPR and maintaining employment, I kept busy working on little projects. Among them was a chicken coop I’ve been meaning to build.  After reviewing other plans, I drafted my plan in SketchUp2013 and built it from January through April on the weekends – time permitting.  Most of the wood used was […]

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Ruger SR22 Pistol Magazine Disconnect Modification

Derek supplements Random Gun’s guide on how to remove the magazine disconnect on a Ruger SR22 pistol.

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Grizzly Targets

Derek shoots at a steel target from Grizzly Targets.

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Quick note on ear pro preference

Derek jots some thoughts on his ear pro.

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Some thoughts on pocket carry.

Derek adds to MouseGunAddict’s thoughts on pocket carry pants.

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A post to keep you in the loop.

Derek, the moth, visits the lights of San Francisco. Didn’t get zapped.

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Garage Door Opener Install

Derek does the smart thing and installs an automatic garage door opener, solo.

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This post was authored at another bar, in a different city.

I find it easier to sit down, reflect, and write when on business trips.  A few cocktails to wind down seems to help. I like to attribute my professional success to a few things – primarily people.   It’s not what you know, but who you know afterall.

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This post was written at a hotel bar.

Derek’s inebriated thoughts on social value, with SF edition stalker photos.

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Paperman (Video)

Aside from the gorgeous animation, I thought the music and sound were quite effective.

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