Consider Reassessing your Training Paradigm

I came across an article written by Aaron Cowan at Moderno that really described a shift in my training paradigm three years ago.  Cowan writes, “All things considered, the case ...


Ruger SR22 Pistol Magazine Disconnect Modification

Derek supplements Random Gun's guide on how to remove the magazine disconnect on a Ruger SR22 pistol.


Grizzly Targets

Derek shoots at a steel target from Grizzly Targets.



Quick note on ear pro preference

Derek jots some thoughts on his ear pro.

Some thoughts on pocket carry.

Derek adds to MouseGunAddict's thoughts on pocket carry pants.
san francisco cupids bow

A post to keep you in the loop.

Derek, the moth, visits the lights of San Francisco. Didn't get zapped.

Garage Door Opener Install

Derek does the smart thing and installs an automatic garage door opener, ...

This post was written at a hotel bar.

Derek's inebriated thoughts on social value, with SF edition stalker photos.
Disney Paperman 2013

Paperman (Video)

Aside from the gorgeous animation, I thought the music and sound were ...

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Art of Escape – San Francisco, AAR

TPR Note: I wrote this after action report soon after the class concluded – sometime in late January. This was RiftRecon’s first class, and had notable hiccups. You may notice RiftRecon continues to offer the class; however, please note that the original instructor, Kelly Alwood, is no longer associated with RiftRecon. For better or worse, […]

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Building a chicken coop.

Aside stepping away from TPR and maintaining employment, I kept busy working on little projects. Among them was a chicken coop I’ve been meaning to build.  After reviewing other plans, I drafted my plan in SketchUp2013 and built it from January through April on the weekends – time permitting.  Most of the wood used was […]

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This post was authored at another bar, in a different city.

I find it easier to sit down, reflect, and write when on business trips.  A few cocktails to wind down seems to help. I like to attribute my professional success to a few things – primarily people.   It’s not what you know, but who you know afterall.

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Las Vegas Girl Woman Spotlight

More Photos From Las Vegas/SHOT Show 2013

Derek’s “stalker” photos from Las Vegas.

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Nightforce BEAST

Nightforce Optics BEAST and ATACR SHOT Show 2013

Tired.  This is all I am posting this evening. Nightforce BEAST and ATACR.

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Illy's Espresso Cups

More Random Vegas Photos

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SHOT Show 2013 – Day 2

Turtle Skin Turtle Skin manufactures a variety of protective equipment: body armor, gloves, snake protection, etc.  The BladeTect shirt caught my eye initially.  It’s like a lightweight chain mail to minimize the threat against blades and sharp cuts.  It’s also breathable and appears/feels it would be comfortable to wear.  Also photographed below are Snake Gaiters, […]

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Las Vegas Street 2013

Random Vegas Photos

Derek discovers black & white photos make crappy photos look better.

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Magpul Bang Bus

SHOT Show 2013 – Day 1

Derek’s first day at SHOT Show 2013.

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xds 9mm

SHOT Show 2013 – Media Day

This is the coolest year I’ve encountered in Las Vegas, NV.  I must admit, however, I’m not a very good barometer to determine what cold really is. I was prepared, so I managed quite well.  Minus 33 Merino wool base layer, Ice Breaker Merino wool t-shirt, silk sock liner, Darned Tough Merino wool socks, Triple […]

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I only took this photo because it looked like it was giving the two handed birdies.

Phoenix, AZ January 2013

Derek visits an indigenous American people museum.

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Las Vegas, NV

This post has no direction.

Derek writes about nonsense.

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Reset with Nature

After a year long hiatus from blogging, and sparse photography, hiking, and all other things I consider fun, I needed a pseudo-reset with nature. Notwithstanding personal fulfillment, the absence of nature was noticeably affecting my mood.  Lesson learned to not avoid taking personal outdoor day trips every now and then.  Work/life balance – right? Visited […]

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Ruger SR22 – New Pistol Impression

Among the firearms I took out recently was a Ruger SR22. If you recall, I posted a short disassembly video of the SR22 from SHOT Show 2012. I finally purchased one this week. Probably my first new handgun purchase in awhile. First several rounds seem to have POI consistency issues; however, after about 100 rounds, […]

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Need Help With Gun Pricing/Sale.

Fellow rat and brother-in-arms needs some feedback. A list of pistols and rifles are for sale.  You may either inquire on purchasing, or offer some help on approximate value.  The funds are necessary to help pay for family support. Please check out what he has here.

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Spring Pizza

Spring Pizza.  It’s fall.  Don’t care.  Used a wheat/white flour mix for the dough.

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I relocated: – Moved all of my junk. – Planted a Trident Maple and two Shangtung Maple trees. – Had vinyl plank flooring installed.  Stripped and reinstalled floor boards. – Bought a new bed (so damn comfortable). – Installed new door knobs, strike plates and deadbolts (ASSA brand). – Installed pendant light with three-way switches. […]

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Avocado, pico de gallo, and eggs.

Breakfast, Dinner, and Cherry Bourbon Spritzer

3/4 cups of dark brown sugar. 2 cups of fresh, whole cherries 1 cup of bourbon I recommend dissolving the brown sugar in small quantities of bourbon, as opposed to the entire cup. Unsubstantiated, or otherwise, I was concerned about alcohol evaporating too much.  Last minute, I decided to pit and crush the cherries.  Pulling […]

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Deep Concealment Holster Kel Tec Ruger LCR

Deep Concealment Sun Visor Holster Overview

Chase from Deep Conceal LLC, approached me to check out their line of firearm concealed carry holsters. Wasn’t quite certain what I could offer considering I’m pretty happy with my current setup, but I had a choice between their shoulder holster or sun visor holster. The shoulder holster can be described as a rib-band with […]

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ITS TacticaL and Triple Aught Design Event 2012

Triple Aught Design and ITS Tactical Ice Cream Social/SkillCom

If you were at the races, San Francisco pride, or just elsewhere all together, then you weren’t at the Triple Aught Design and Imminent Threat Solutions Tactical social event this past weekend. Even without a TAD sale, the turn out was quite impressive. If you’re not familiar with ITS Tactical, it’s a rich source of […]

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